Rhyees Wedes Photography is an international Premium Photographic Company offering a full range of client services from art direction, commercial photography, fashion photography, styling, studio photography, product and still photo campaigns to weddings and events.

Rhyees Wedes Photography was founded in 2007 by Rhyees himself and has travelled the world working on assignments and also personal work for the past 6 years.

Rhyees Wedes Photography has the ability to react quickly and adapt to meet a project’s requirements. Our consultancy prides itself on its ability to become immersed in a client’s ideology and brand strategy, creating innovative inspired solutions tailored to the individual.

Rhyees Wedes Photography works Nationally and Internationally for a diverse range of clients, from individuals to brands, creative agencies and organisations.

“If You’re Creative and Technical, You’re Unstoppable!”

Being able to Create, Develop and Inspire people through my creative ways allows for an amazing experience for myself as the artist and also for my clients. The ultimate goal is when my passions can be translated via a combined creative collaboration on a clients project or product that inspires the world!.

For me Photography started back in the days when I used to see my parents head off to photograph and come home with rolls and rolls of film. Mum and Dad teamed up to photograph Formula One and MotoGP alongside the many of concerts, sports and so on..
On a good race weekend, Dad would come home and send me to the local film lab to have the 50+ rolls of film developed.
Growing up on a film camera definitely paved my way into the way I create an image these days.

My journey behind the lens started with my first point and shoot. Investing in a Sony Cybershot T1, that camera did not leave my hands. Certainly not an SLR, this was pocket friendly and everyone knew me as the guy who captured everything!.
It only left my pocket for recharging and downloading. My approach towards photography was simple, No Limitations!..

I consider myself a very versatile photographer as I aim to not limit myself to a specific genre, style or topic. Breaking down the barriers and creating something from nothing is amazing. When I see a photo I see it completely different to anyone else, I put myself into the essence of what I see and allow the photo to grow as I explore it. I also love to travel the world and explore. I have a big appreciation for other cultures and love to experience this first hand by simply living their way. I like to be free in what I create and be Inspired to Inspire!.

– Rhyees